We are committed to celebrating everyone’s story, spreading optimism, growing our community and expanding our definition of diversity.


By the community. For the community.


DTLA Proud is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that strengthens and empowers the local LGBTQ+ & ally community in Downtown Los Angeles through visibility, volunteerism, partnerships and events. Founded by a grassroots group of local residents, business owners, community leaders and nightlife promoters, we were born from the idea that together we could create an all-inclusive community that represents the diverse LGBTQ+ population that lives, works and plays in the thriving heart of the city of Los Angeles.

DTLA Proud opened a community center in the heart of LA at THE BLOC located at 700 W 7th St , Los Angeles, CA 90017. The center focuses on a Art Gallery , Queer marketplace and Community Space focused on Free Co-working space , community led activities & special programming.

Executive Director

Oliver Alpuche

I am a true native to LA, born at White Memorial Hospital in East LA and raised in Highland Park. Los Angeles will always be home.

Growing up as the youngest of six boys was an interesting experience. We were our own tribe, especially since we were the only Belizeans in the neighborhood. Everyone looked out for each other even though we were all so different.

I have an identical twin who has always been by my side and there for me. I love creating events and bringing people together because I want others to know the feeling.

I am also grateful for my older brother that came out before me. He truly bared the brunt of the coming out experience and paved the way for my twin and I to come out.

Well…. I actually never really came out…. My mom called me one day and said “please don’t tell me you are like your brother, I’ll just die”. I responded with, “ you won’t die, you’ll suffer depression for a little bit but you’ll get over it”. Nowadays, mom and dad are my biggest allies.

When I was 14, my dad worked in construction so we had tons of leftover job supplies around the house. One weekend, I was tired of our house looking like it was going to fall down. I grabbed a scrapper, paint supplies and started to work on the house. After a few hours my brothers and parents slowly started helping out. By the end of the day everyone was working on something and our house had a full on facelift. This all started with scraping old paint off the walls…

I ran my first marathon in 2005 for APLA just because I wanted to do something different. Afterwards, I started working for Nike and throwing community events. My mission was to create an authentic running store by connecting with the community. I started a running club at the LGBT youth center and a fitness Friday class at a local elementary school. Also, we were able to throw free 1⁄2 marathons and create training programs.

My experience with Nike inspired me to open up a gay bar in DTLA and help bring the community together. I had lived in DTLA for 6 years and witnessed the growth of the LGBTQ+ community. There was a lack of safe spaces for people to meet motivated me to embark on journey to create one.

Board Members

Co-Founder, Board Member & Creative Director

Andres Rigal

When I first created SummerTramp (many Suns ago) the Downtown Los Angeles that we all know now was still in its infancy. The year was 2010 and West Hollywood was the undisputed center of the LGBTQ universe. Other than a few pioneering parties (thank you Shits n’ Giggles, Rhonda and Mustache Mondays) the eastside et al was relatively quiet, few and far in-between for the queer community at large.

Back then I was new to Queer nightlife and I was surprised how divided the scene was. Westside stayed west and Eastside stayed east – rarely did they mix. So when I first started SummerTramp I made it my intention to program with all sides of Los Angeles. A safe space that celebrates unity within the community where EVERYONE can let their hair down, take their clothes off, be themselves and ultimately raise their flag without any judgment.

It’s been over 8 years since I first slid down that slide… During that time I’ve have had the pleasure of witnessing what I feel has been a renaissance in the queer community with Downtown L.A. leading the way. Never before have I felt a stronger unification in the LGBTQ+ community than I do today and it makes sense that we’re celebrating this unification in the flourishing heart of Los Angeles.

Just like SummerTramp, DTLA Proud is all-inclusive accessible festival that represents the diverse LGBTQ+ population. Ultimately both these gatherings share the same ethos, the same intention of bringing people together in a celebration of love and unity. While SummerTramp has always been anchored in providing these sentiments to the community, DTLA Proud brings this about on a grander scale, operating as a 100% non-profit with the sole intention of bringing awareness to and for our community in the ever-growing landscape of DTLA.

Board Member

Scottie Jeanette

Scottie Jeanette Madden didn’t make it easy on herself. Like many late-stage trans women, everything in her life screamed “Alpha Male.”  With over 30 years in television production, no one knew that Scottie Jeanette, a top survival showrunner who had lead über-male productions into the world’s most dangerous locations had been engaged in a lifelong battle for her soul. Scottie rose through the ranks of production to become a writer, director and showrunner.

She put all this, plus a marriage of 26 years, on the line when she wrote “Getting Back To Me” from girl to boy to woman in just fifty year, leaving behind “white male privilege” to embrace truth, grace and womanhood. It was the ultimate survival show as Scottie dismantled the walls of a self-imposed prison, charting the way from denial to acceptance, from fear to courage to be herself. Today, she is a passionate advocate, speaker and educator for the Queer community, speaking to universities, corporations and hospitals (over 120 workshops for Kaiser Hospitals, alone). Her TED Talk, titled, “What Would My Father Say? – how living up to the expectations of others, led me to live up to my own, led to her being invited first to the DTLA advisory board, in 2019 and then the Board of Directors in 2020. She an award-winning writer, director and producer of film & television for over 40 years, featuring documentaries, live events and scripted series, as well as an author of three books of Queer content

Board Member, Development Director

Tony Hoang

Tony Hoang is the managing director for Equality California. In that role, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization. Prior to joining Equality California, Tony interned at the Pacific Council of International Policy and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. He holds a BA in international relations from the University of Southern California with minors in political science and biology. Tony serves on the board of directors of the Equality Federation, the national movement builder and strategic partner to state-based organizations advocating for LGBTQ people. Tony is also Vice President of the Los Angeles Innovation and Performance Commission and sits on the advisory board of Generation Change, an organization dedicated to electing millennials to office. He lives in Downtown Los Angeles with his partner Ian.
Interim Board Member & Treasurer

Dominic Alpuche

With more than 20 years in grant management and financial administration, Dominic has extensive experience in administering federal, state, and local agency grants, as well as foundation grants. His passion for his work and his ability to see himself in the people whom he serves has driven his success.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Dianne Taylor

While working full time at Cal State University Dianne is in her 3rd year of volunteering for DTLA Proud. She also volunteers for various organizations around the City of Los Angeles.
Advisory Board

Julian Montanez

Knowledge Management Specialist at Capital Group
Advisory Board

Teri Kinne

Teri Kinne is an award-wining event producer who is passionate about celebration and philanthropy and its place in community. She has produced events in Los Angeles for seventeen years as the in-house planner for some of the finest cultural venues in the city including the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, the J. Paul Getty Center and Villa. In 2011 she launched her own event production group: Teri Kinne Events.
Advisory Board

Charles Ochoa

I am a Los Angeles County native. Growing up out east, in the suburbs of Covina, I was part of a family of 5 children to immigrant parents. Made the move to the city in 2016 to further romance a career pathway and new life journey.

After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, I quickly acquired a design role and succeeded moving upwards through the ranks to manage thee entire print production operation. Most recently, I have dedicated time to become a cycling instructor to fulll my mind + body aspirations while actively volunteering at DTLA PROUD since 2019. I also help foster dogs 🙂

As my queer identity exponentially evolved into the cis gendered gay man that I am today, I started to refocus energy into a community and organization where I could see notable change for the better. As I continue to work with the PROUD Team, I see the positive changes and representation we all want to help implement in diversity, inclusion and equity in the programs we host and partner with.

As I continue to navigate uncharted waters into the future, I can’t wait to see how I can help change and shape the future with my creative, energetic and philanthropic aspirations to help build, guide and manifest safe spaces and representation for my queer family.

Advisory Board

Pony Gold

Pony Gold is a DTLA based filmmaker, community activist, and I.A.T.S.E. Local 600 Union member working in the camera department in film and television. She has worked with A-list talent on productions for HBO, Netflix, Showtime and Rolling Stone.

Since moving to Los Angeles, building and serving her local community has been a priority. Whether it's working a commercial or volunteering on a project, she has a passion to simply help those around her. Some of her favorite organizations to support through volunteer work are the NOHO Home Alliance homeless shelter, The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, and DTLA PROUD. She also supports smaller independent donation drives and causes that champion community aid and/or activism.

Ms. Gold first started her affiliation with DTLA PROUD in July 2020 when she was brought onto the documentary film, "Proud In The Pandemic" as a Director of Photography.

"Amidst all of the changes and challenges in the world, I combat the feeling of helplessness by helping those around me knowing that one person CAN actually make a difference" is her personal mission.

Advisory Board

John Constantine Lucido

I’ve been a performer my whole life, studying classic music, voice, and composition throughout my childhood, and continued to study recording engineering and music business in college. To help with my music career, I began my own graphic and web design business. I have a penchant for working with artists, performers, non profits, and also have the ability to handle national marketing campaigns.