7:00 PM – Grand pink carpet experience
7:30 PM – Cocktail reception with surprise guest
8:00 PM – Brief remarks
8:15  PM – Dessert
8:30 PM – Afterparty
222 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
To learn more about sponsorship opportunities contact Dennis Caasi, dennis.caasi@dtlaproud.org.


Jose Rodriguez and Hugo Gomez

Meet DTLA PROUD Gala Committee members Jose Rodriguez and Hugo Gomez. They are passionate and creative innovators helping educate, encourage and celebrate diversity and inclusion through professional and non-profit activism.

Teri Kinne

Meet DTLA PROUD Gala Committee member Teri Kinne – event producer and writer in Los Angeles.

Mars Loreto

Meet DTLA PROUD Gala Committee member Mars Loreto – Registered Nurse Patient-Centered Medical Home Care Coordinator / Case Manager. He has a masters degree in checking-in at every single restaurant, brewery, and bar in DTLA and the county of Los Angeles. He sits on the DTLA PROUD Community Center committee.

Kelly Musgrove

Meet DTLA PROUD Gala Committee member Kelly Musgrove: Registered Nurse at LAC & USC Medical Center. She is a longtime downtown Los Angeles and a supporter of the DTLA PROUD Festival and Gala.

Amir Yassai

Amir Yassai is an LGBTQ activist and regularly hosts panels at the LGBT panel battling transphobia, femme bashing, body shaming, and racism in the queer community. Interviewing a diverse group of people from Carson Kressley to Johnny Sibilly to Eureka O’Hara and Ongina from RuPaul’s Drag Race. As an actively visible Queer Muslim Amir hopes to change the way religion and sexual orientation are mutually exclusive. Amir is a self proclaimed “human unicorn.” Three words to explain Amir are Queer, Colorful, and Compassionate. Pronouns are he/him/his/they.

Spark O’Connell

Having the opportunity to grow up in urban areas such as Chicago, New Orleans, and Los Angeles I naturally somehow ended up either living or working in DTLA. For the past 8 years, I have been working in the event and hospitality industry. As someone who supports the LGBTQ community, when given the chance to be able to help bring people together and spread the awareness for lack of programing in the DTLA community all I could do was say yes. I am here to assist in creating an environment where everyone can not only be accepted but understood, and the DTLA Proud sets out to do the same.